A prospective Revueltosaurus-particularly animal is obtainable about Wolfville Development (Carnian; Sues & Olsen, 2015 ) regarding Nova Scotia

A prospective Revueltosaurus-particularly animal is obtainable about Wolfville Development (Carnian; Sues & Olsen, 2015 ) regarding Nova Scotia

6.dos.step three Almost every other Revueltosaurus-such as taxa

To start with referred to an enthusiastic ornithischian dinosaur (Galton, 1983 ), Irmis, Parker, mais aussi al. ( 2007 ) argued one to NSM 004 Sweetheart , a beneficial posterior portion of a remaining maxilla with most of an effective enamel from inside the an enthusiastic alveolus, offers a good amount of reputation states which have R. callenderi in dental and maxillary morphology including an effective ridge over the ventral margin of one’s antorbital fossa, this new well-created buccal emargination of enamel row in the ventral see, and you may an excellent denticled enamel top without having a beneficial basal asymmetrical swelling (Irmis, Parker, ainsi que al., 2007 ). A keen ilium in the Wolfville Formation (NSM 012 Sweetheart ) is very similar to that of R. callenderi for the with an enthusiastic prior procedure babel ilk mesaj of the new iliac blade one doesn’t offer anteriorly beyond the anterior the quantity of your pubic peduncle possesses a standard, round dorsal margin on iliac knife. That it feature together with helps the clear presence of a great Revueltosaurus-such as for instance taxon from the creation (Sues & Olsen, 2015 ).

six.step three Biostratigraphic events and you will implications

R. callenderi only has already been submitted of a couple section, the type area regarding the Bull Canyon Development (Dockum Group) off eastern The Mexico (Check, 1989 ; Hunt ainsi que al., 2005 ) and the Chinle Formation in the Petrified Forest Federal Park (Padian, 1990 ; Beuhler et al., 2001 ; Parker ainsi que al., 2005 ; Atchley et al., 2013 ; Figure 1b). From the latter venue, just before interested in coupon specimens of one’s taxon on the highest Blue Mesa Affiliate and you may middle Sonsela Representative, R. callenderi is said to take place in a restricted stratigraphic diversity during the the lower-middle Petrified Forest Affiliate (Beuhler et al., 2001 ; Have a look, 2001 ; Parker & ) argued that R. callenderi is actually off biochronological electric. In the newest North american country sorts of area and you will Decorated Desert localities into the northern PEFO, Roentgen. callenderi cooccurs on the aetosaur T. coccinarum and you will mystriosuchine (= pseudopalatine) leptosuchomorph phytosaurs, taxa which were made use of since index taxa towards the Revueltian holochronozone (Lucas & Hunt, 1993 ; ) argued that while the in the PEFO R. callenderi is located merely inside the a certain facies (blue paleosols) at the a single stratigraphic level (just over the Coated Wasteland 3 Sandstone), these incidents did not portray the genuine stratigraphic range of new taxon and you can alternatively reflected a maintenance prejudice. After that findings from Roentgen. callenderi question on the Owl Rock User (Gordon mais aussi al., 2020 ; Whatley mais aussi al., 2013 ) and you can Sonsela User (Atchley et al., 2013 ) supporting so it hypothesis, and they the newest specimens reveal that about in the PEFO, the latest stratigraphic range of Roentgen. callenderi extends to the underlying Adamanian holochronozone. Its lack of R. callenderi within other penecontemporaneous web sites throughout the American Southwestern is actually puzzling, such as for example provided just how numerous it’s from the web sites in which it takes place. Eg, the latest vertebrate assemblage of your Petrified Tree Representative in the Ghost Farm in north The brand new Mexico is geographically intermediate within sort of area out of Roentgen. callenderi and you may PEFO, offers this new visibility many Revueltian directory taxa (Irmis, Nesbitt, et al., 2007 ; Whiteside mais aussi al., 2015 ), possesses right age constraints that demonstrate it overlaps after a while into straight down Petrified Tree Representative from the PEFO (Irmis ainsi que al., 2011 ; Rasmussen mais aussi al., 2020 ). There’s no apparent taphonomic reason why this well-sampled and you will diverse assemblage must not preserve Revueltosaurus, as it include many techniques from small-bodied drepanosaurs to help you high-bodied phytosaurs and you may aetosaurs. Also, it is curious that R. callenderi wasn’t discovered at most other Bull Canyon Formation websites or even in comparable strata inside west Colorado (elizabeth.g., Lehman & Chatterjee, 2005 ; ).

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